Resellers are business owners that are already selling goods or services to small businesses. They have a client base and want to offer them additional services (offered by MaxExposure) to increase their income, without increasing their “workload” or overhead. Any business selling directly to business owner can qualify.


Resellers will have access to all our tools, including our Social Media Analysis® process. Resellers purchase our services at “discounted rates” based on their overall volume and can resell them at whatever pricing they choose, usually slightly less than MaxExposure Retail rates – however rates can be market driven or rolled into a package offering with other reseller products – we do not publish our reseller rates on our website. As the reseller’s volume increases, their profit margin increases.

This is not a “white label” program. It’s a partnership, offering all the services “powered by MaxExposure”.



MaxExposure handles all the reseller's customer's needs, support & service. Resellers pay MaxExposure directly with one major credit card, each month, for their client services and collect fees directly from their customers.


Each Reseller is required to purchase a premium Social Media Management Package (Discounted to the Basic Package rate of $399 / month + $550 set-up fee) to promote themselves (as a reseller) in their local market. Set-up fee is fully refunded over the course of the first 5 sales (20% / sale) within the 45 days of enrollment as a Reseller. All Reps and Resellers will have access to our Proprietary Marketing / CRM system, which is provided for only $69 per month and includes up to 20 Analysis Reports. Each additional report is billed at $3 per report at the beginning of the following month.


Any customer registered within the system is permanently a customer of the reseller. There are no sales minimum standards annually.

Independent Sales Rep

An Independent Sales Rep, can engage at any level they choose; full time, part time or whenever they like, primarily at the local are level.

Enterprise Sales Rep

An Enterprise Rep can offer MaxExposure services to local businesses, in the same manner as a Direct Rep, but also has the opportunity to market to larger groups.

Resellers & Agents

Resellers are business owners that are already selling goods and services to small local businesses and want to offer additional social media management or business solutions.

Become A Client

If you want to become a client, to increase your companies online exposure, please see our Products & Services tab, with pricing and details of all products and services.

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