Meet the Team

Joe Grushkin

Bow down to CEO Joe Grushkin 🙆🏻‍♂️ When he’s not taking pool-side selfies or busy with his ever-so-important duties as King of Westport, you can find him practicing his golf swing. In case you haven’t heard, he’s stepping down from the day to day of running the day to day of MaxExposure in 18 months and buying an RV / living in FL during the winter months because #beachlife and #hehateswinter 🤦🏻‍♂️ We’ll hit you all up when the estate sale has a set date! #GrushkinYardSale #OnePersonsTrash #AnotherPersonsTreasure

Aly Grushkin

Say hiya to Aly 👋🏻 Director of Client Services and future old-cat-lady, when she isn’t solving customer dilemmas, you can find her shooting tequila or, in bed cuddled up with Piper & Dash by 9pm every night. Oh, and if you haven’t heard yet (not like she mentions it every 7 minutes), she’s getting married to our resident Grumpy-cat Alex Carter #SheLikesCats #SoShesMarryingOne

Alex Carter

Say hello to Alex 👋🏻 Director of Sales & Product Management here at MaxExposure, he’s also a self-proclaimed 5-Star Michelin chef, and resident Grumpy-cat doppelgänger; you can find him taking down shots of espresso like they’re water and giving saged advice (for all 30 years of his short life) to interns ⚡️

Oleg Epshteyn

Say hey to Oleg 👋🏻 Oleg is our Director of New Sales Initiatives. He’s married to his work, if you couldn’t tell, from the ‘maxexpo’ in his Instagram username (“She’s loyal, she’s faithful, I love her, MaxExpo is my soulmate”). He’s always working. Like all of the time. He has no hobbies. #MarriedToTheMob #MarriedToTheJob

Briana Cefaloni

Say hiyaaaa to our Customer Service Representative, Briana 👋🏻 Future #BossBabeMillionaire , Briana is President of her sorority, a member of the Deans List #smart , has perfectly straight teeth, hair that never frizzes and it’s been rumored that she’s starring in a remake of Disney’s Aladdin, starring as Jasmine. When she’s not doing everything you’re doing but better, you can find her blabbing on and on and on about how much better Pizza & Bagels on Long Island are when compared to the rest of the world.

Alli Burns

Say what’s up to our resident Blogger, Alli👋🏻 This fiesty little redhead lights up our office with her fluorescent hair, goofy smile and never-ending sass 💁🏼‍♀️ when she’s not charming snakes, you can find her charming boys with her 5 star-quality guacamole recipe & connoisseur-level knowledge of rum

Grace Goldberg

Say what’s up to Grace 👋🏻 Our Social Media/Customer Service Representative, Grace is our resident wild child intern who you can always count on to be bothering everyone with her psychotic laugh and Cardi B impressions. When she’s not pretending to be working (she’s always on Instagram), you can catch her on the weekends causing a scene and making ill-judgements at local Boston bars. We’d fire her, but she’s too entertaining, so we keep her around.

Nathan Boutwell

Say hi to Inside Sales Rep, Nathan 👋🏻 Member of Alpha Gamma Pi at Bentley University, it’s no surprise that he’s the type of kid to put “YEET” in his Instagram bio 🤷🏼‍♂️ When he’s not making your phones ring, you can find him ironing his iconic freshly pressed khakis #ButtonThatTopButton #PutOnATie

Mari Boyer

Say heyyyyy to Social Media Manager, Mari 👋🏻 If you’re wondering why all of our paperwork is covered in orange... it’s probably because Mari eats hot Cheetos 24 hours a day during all activities. She’s doing homework? Cheetos. She’s showering? Cheetos. She’s answering client emails? Cheetos. #CantStop #WontStop

Toni Day

Say heyyyy to our Social Media Manager Toni 👋🏻 When she’s not handling client social media accounts, you can find her breaking glass with her high-pitched Mickey Mouse voice which occasionally reaches levels that can only be heard by dogs. If the whole marketing thing doesn’t work out, at least she’ll have a future in animated character voiceovers!

Brad Greenway

Everybody say heyyyyy to our Inside Sales rep Brad 👋🏻 When he isn’t sacking his teammates on the Bentley football team or commenting “yum kitten” on every Instagram post in his feed, you can catch him renacting the “peanut butter baby” vine or practicing his best Jordan Belfort impression #WolfOfWaltham