An Independent Direct Sales Rep can engage at any level they choose, full time, part time or whenever, primarily at the local area level. Typically our Reps are selling to local businesses, as they engage in their day to day activities, where they “eat, play or shop”. There are no territories or boundaries for personal sales to individual businesses.


Each Direct Rep is their own business entity, in which they should want to promote themselves to other business owners within their community. One of their marketing tools is having a MaxExposure Social Media account. 

This will demonstrate their personal use of the products and services we offer. As such, each reps is required to purchase a premium Social Media Management package ( discounted to the Basic Package price of only $399/month + $550 Set up fee*) to promote themselves in their local market.

Commissions are paid weekly with a substantial up front commission of 75% of each set up fee collected and 5% residual commission on each monthly fee** paid by the client.

There is a Minimum requirement of 10 sales per year to retain residuals the following year.


Bonus #1; Set up Fee Refund

the set-up fee on the Reps Business MaxExposure Social Media account, is fully refunded over the course of the first 5 sales (20% per sale) when accomplished in the first 45 days from enrollment.


Bonus #2; FREE Review Manager™ System

We are including our Review Manager™ System FREE to all Independent Direct Reps.

Bonus 3#; Advancement / Commission Increase – if Qualified

Once a Rep achieves 25 “personal sales” they can apply to advance to the Enterprise Rep level, if desired. Advancement would increase the Reps Residual Commissions on all existing business and going forward. Please see Commission Schedule details in the Enterprise Rep program for more information.

Independent Sales Rep

An Independent Sales Rep, can engage at any level they choose; full time, part time or whenever they like, primarily at the local are level.

Enterprise Sales Rep

An Enterprise Rep can offer MaxExposure services to local businesses, in the same manner as a Direct Rep, but also has the opportunity to market to larger groups.

Resellers & Agents

Resellers are business owners that are already selling goods and services to small local businesses and want to offer additional social media management or business solutions.

Become A Client

If you want to become a client, to increase your companies online exposure, please see our Products & Services tab, with pricing and details of all products and services.

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