This past fall Instagram came out with a cool new feature to add to your Instagram Story. Along with the many fun stickers you can place on a picture or video, Instagram also lets you have the option to add a poll sticker. I’ve mostly seen this sticker used on personal profiles to ask followers “which ice cream flavor should I get”, but businesses can also take advantage of the poll feature to help gage a better read on the audience they are reaching.

What is the hype over Instagram Polls?

Instagram polls are strictly available on the Instagram app when you make an Instagram story. They encourage followers to be more interactive and can provide important feedback no matter what the question is. This direct feedback can help you learn specific things about your audience and can even assist in making future decisions.

How does it work?

Setting up a poll on Instagram is extremely easy and quick.

  1. First, you take a video or picture of something you would like to put onto your story.
  2. Once you are happy with your photo or video footage, you can tap the sticker button on the top of the screen (Photo 1, Above) and add any text, drawings or stickers, including the “Poll” sticker. (Photo 2, Above)
  3. Now you can type any question you’d like and edit the two different choices to vote on. You are unfortunately limited to only two choices but you have up to 26 characters per choice box to craft some witty answers. (Photo 3, Above)
  4. Once you have finished writing your question and answers you can drag the poll anywhere on the picture and resize it however you’d like, just like any other sticker.
  5. Then all you have to do is post it and wait for the results!

To look at your results simply tap the viewers listed at the bottom of the story and then swipe up to see the post analytics. The poll will be available for 24 hours along with your story so make sure you set a timer right before it expires so you can see all of the responses.

How can businesses take advantage of Instagram Polls?

Gain audience insight and feedback


Although these polls do not provide the most in depth consumer analytics, they definitely can shed some light on important topics that you want to get a general consensus on. You also get the answers quickly (within 24 hours). About to i ntroduce a new product? Ask your followers which color they would prefer, or ask which feature from an old product they would change. You won’t know unless you ask!

Ask the right kinds of questions

To gain the best results, make sure your questions on the poll are clear and not biased towards one answer. The best kinds of questions to ask are “yes or no” questions, and “this or that” questions.

Check out how engaged your followers are

This feature is also a great way to see how engaged your followers actually are on social media. If you have 300 followers, but only 100 of them are watching your story and voting, then maybe you need to switch up your content or find a way to appeal to the other followers who might not be as engaged.

Youth culture. Four young people sitting close to each other and looking at their gadgets

Grow your mailing list

Another way to utilize this sticker is by adding people to your mailing list and seeing how many people are interested in learning more about your company. Try positing a Yes or No poll asking “Would you like to receive emails to learn more about our business?” For the people who vote yes, you can then direct message them on Instagram asking for their email.

Polls can help plan events

Polls work great for any event that you may be having including a major sale or an opening party for a new store location. Add some hype to the upcoming event by asking if people will attend or not. Clicking “yes” might give them a sense of accomplishment and clicking “no” might make them feel like they are missing an awesome event. Let your followers help plan your event by asking simple choices like color theme or what flavor cake to have at the event. When the event is over you can post a poll that gages feedback to make the next one even better.

Make it fun and personal

Your polls do not always have to be strictly business related. Adding polls every now and then that show a more personal and fun side of your business can make your audience feel like they have a sneak peek behind the scenes, which can strengthen your relationship. Ask them “Who in the office wore it better” or “Which team in the super bowl are you routing for”.

It is important to make sure your customers feel like they have a voice that gets heard. These Instagram polls are the perfect way to get to know your consumers and help improve future choices by incorporating their feedback.

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Creating a Company Personality using Social Media

Social Media is a great way to reach consumers and inform them of new sales, products, and company involvement in the community. This day and age, it is extremely important to the success of your company that you are active and involved in social media. Social media allows for easy communication between company and consumer.

Consumers contact companies with complaints or comments and questions on products and so on, and the companies can directly respond to their concerns, improving their customer service. Responding to consumer comments and complaints on social media allows the customer to feel heard and valued by the company.

Some companies have also used social media to create personalities for their company, mostly through Twitter and Facebook. This has allowed not only for more contact between consumer and company but has also provided customer entertainment and has increased the social media following of many companies today. Wendys for example, has famous Twitter “roasts” where they respond to customers’ tweets with funny responses which gains them a lot of social media attention.


After posting their responses to customers, a lot of people retweet or favorite their tweets, expanding their Twitter network and encouraging more consumers to follow their Twitter because their Tweets are entertaining.

The reason why Wendy’s Twitter roasts has gained so much consumer attention is because they have an awareness of what people use their social media platforms for. Twitter for example is mainly used for comedic entertainment or political opinions and comments. Seeing as it is not a good idea to share a company’s political stance as it may cause a loss of consumer support and create backlash, comedic entertainment is a great way to connect with consumers.


Most funny company tweets are responses to customer complaints and questions. Turning customer complaints, which could potentially give the company a bad reputation, into something funny and entertaining for their followers actually gives the company positive attention in the end.


Tips for Joining the Trend

If you think your company would benefit from posting these comical tweets to its consumers, it is important that the company abide by these tips, especially if the company does not already have a reputation for posting funny tweets. You want your consumers to actually find your tweets funny and insure that you do not offend people with risky humor.


To get a head-start on your funny tweeting, your company could create a false consumer account to tweet back at. This avoids risking offending an actual consumer seeing as they may think your company is not taking them seriously or making fun of them. Once you get a couple funny tweets out, consumers will recognize the trend and start coming up with tweets for your company to respond to.

Once you start responding to real consumer’s tweets, evaluate and think through the possible interpretation of your tweets prior to posting them. Having multiple people within your company look at your tweets prior to posting them and getting their opinion on them is a good way to double check and insure minimal backlash and maximum humor.

Creating a Personality

Creating a personality for your company and connecting with consumers on a more personal level will allow them to trust you and support you on a business level. Maintaining easy, efficient online communication with consumers is a great way to improve your customer service and show your customers how valued they are by your company.

Businessman holding cellphone with opened applications

Utilizing your company’s social media account not only for traditional customer service communication but finding innovative ways to provide customers with entertaining social media posts will not only build more positive relationships with you current consumer following, but will grow your consumer following on social media as well.

Every company is different and contains different types of consumers, challenge your company to not only maintain constant involvement on social media, but innovate how you use your social media. By focusing not only on responding to and communicating with your current customers, but attracting new customer attention on social media, your company will maximize the success of its social media involvement and improve its communication with current and future consumers.

How Pets Play a Role in Social Media


From dressing pets in cozy sweaters, to letting them sit shotgun with you while you run errands and even featuring them in your Christmas card, people today see their pets as legitimate members of their family more than ever before. One way to show off these family members is by plastering their cuteness all over social media.

The Craze Behind Pet Pages


Looking through my Instagram page, I can tell right off that bat I follow at least 15 animal or pet accounts. I personally enjoy following these accounts because they provide a refreshing change to the countless selfies and meme posts I see all of the time. Once I scroll to a video of a French bulldog puppy wearing onesie pajamas I immediately like the video and watch it at least six times. My mood is instantly boosted and I tag all of my friends in the post to make sure they can witness the cuteness too.

For many people, their Instagram accounts are very structured, and platforms like Instagram provide a way to market their own personal brand identity. Some people love to share their perfect pooches on their personal account, but some feel it would be better to have an account separate from their own.


This is why making an account for your dog or cat is so appealing. The purpose of these pet accounts is to be fun, light hearted, and adorable. It lets pet owners utilize social media in a comfortable way that shows off their fun side, and allows them to brag about how wonderful their pet is. Studies show that about 65% of people who own pets post about them on different social media platforms at least twice per week, and one in six of these pet owners have actually created a social media page specifically for their pet. The craziest thing is that some of these pet accounts receive more attention and gain more followers than their personal accounts.*

Why Make a Page for Your Pet?


To get more insight I went to my friend who created an account for her three-legged rescue golden retriever, Koda (@kodathe_golden) a few years ago. Her account has over 1000 followers and features pictures and videos of Koda running around in the backyard, playing in the snow, and taking baths. The captions for her account are written from Koda’s perspective, which makes each post even more fun and personal. When I asked my friend why she created this account, she explained “I had a million pictures of Koda on my phone and I wanted to share them with my friends and family on Instagram so they could see exactly why I was so obsessed with her. Koda’s Instagram account also provide a way for me to promote adopting animals, especially ones that might need a little extra love.”


Our Director of Client Services, here at MaxExposure, Aly, also has a instagram for her cats @the_siberian_squad, where she features their antics, captions from their perspective and the sibling rivalry between the brother & sister duo! When I asked her why she did it, she explained that her friends and family, mainly her own sisters, were getting annoyed ONLY seeing cat pics on her personal instagram, so she created another one just for them. She also mentioned that, “It allowed me to join a community, the cat community, on instagram which is full of fluffy fur-babies and helpful advice from their moms (& dads). I found the network particularly helpful when we got our second cat, and I needed advice on how to integrate them!” Her incredibly cute duo, Piper & Dash, have about 2500 followers and counting!

How it Helps Animal Shelters


Social media has also played a huge role helping animals in shelters find their forever homes. Animal shelters and fosters all across the world are using social media pages to post pictures of their adoptable animals in hopes of finding these furry friends a family. By posting a cute picture of a dog on an animal shelter’s Instagram account it helps spread the word and increases the chance of adoption. Someone might see the post, tag their friends, and then encourage them to adopt. Social media is also extremely valuable to these shelters because it is a completely free method of advertising. Most animal shelters & fosters run on donations and volunteer work and advertising usually does not make the budget. By getting these pictures and stories of the animals out on different platforms, animals have a much higher chance of going home with a family.

How to Get Your Pet to be a Social Media Star:

If you want to jump on the social media pet account bandwagon, there are a few things you should know before you make your fur babies account.

  1. Make the account handle something unique and something that reflects your pet. You don’t want to get lost among all of the other generic pet accounts, so make sure your username is fun and stands out.
  2. Find your pet’s voice. The best accounts are the ones where you feel like the animals themselves picked up the phone with their own paws and made the post. Sharing their lives through their own perspectives will be sure to gain you more followers
  1. Post consistently. You want to be just as loyal to your followers as your dog is to you. Post a few times per week to keep your followers engaged, and make sure to switch up the content to keep the account interesting.
  2. Hashtags will help. Boost your following and get noticed by using fun and popular hashtags like #TongueOutTuesday or #WhiskerWednesday. These hashtags will help other pet loving accounts find you and make sure to follow them back! Also having a set group of hashtags that you use on each post will help for search-ability, but be sure to change them up every few months to continue to grow the page!

Very few things in the world make me happier than opening up Instagram or Facebook and seeing an abundance of adorable pet pictures and videos. Pet owners today are more obsessed than ever before with their furry friends, and what better way to show the love for them than through social media?



5 of the Biggest Trends of 2017 in Social Media

Social media trends are constantly changing and can come and go in a blink of an eye. As 2017 comes to a close, it is important to look back and see which ones dominated, and which ones fell behind. Below are some of the biggest trends that rocked the social media world in the past year.

Snap Map

This past June, Snapchat released a new feature that took stalking to a whole new level, Snap Map. This feature allows users to see their friends’ exact location whenever they open their app. The purpose of is to make it easier than ever before to connect and meet up with your friends. For those who may find this feature a little intrusive on their privacy, they can chose to go on “ghost mode” which hides your location indefinitely 

until switched back on.

Snap Chat Map

One of my favorite parts of this trend is how Snapchat can guess your actions based on your location using your Bitmoji, a personalized avatar. At the mall? Your Bitmoji is hauling several bags over her shoulder. Waiting to catch a flight at the airport? Your Bitmoji is sitting leaned up against a suitcase. At a beach? Your Bitmoji is building a sandcastle.

This feature is a great way to brag to your friends when you are on a cool vacation across the world, but it can be not so great when you tell your friends you’re already on your way to meet them for lunch and still haven’t left the house.

Facebook Live

Although Facebook Live was introduced to Facebook in 2016, this trend really took off in the past 12 months. This new feature on Facebook allows any user to live stream video footage to all of their followers and friends. The live stream can last for up to 30 minutes, and stays on the users timeline after the stream has ended. The feature allows the user to see all of the viewers who are currently watching, and there is even a live comment function as well. Facebook Live also alerts all of your followers that you are live streaming.

Facebook & Instagram Stories

This is a major advantage because it significantly increases user engagement and can benefit people who might live stream daily, or someone who has an announcement to make. I am the kind of person on social media who will re-read a post 35 times, or stare at a picture for 15 minutes before I click the “post” button. When I first heard about this feature, I thought it was somewhat strange and convinced myself I would never take part in it.


Sharing something on social media that could not be reviewed or edited did not appeal to me until I started seeing my friends streaming and I realized it was actually a really different and fun way to interact. This feature helps us all “live in the present” and we all could use a little more of that.

360 Photos

Another tech savvy trend that will get your head spinning, literally, is Facebook 360. This tool allows users to look at a picture from all different views. By simply moving your phone around you can view the photo as if you were there looking around yourself. To make your own 360 photo, you can either use the 360-camera feature on the Facebook app, or you can upload a photo that you have taken on your phone using the panorama camera. These photos are sure to leave you reminiscing on that beautiful beach vacation you took last month.

Facebook and Instagram Stories

Both Instagram and Facebook took a tip from Snapchat and introduced their own version of stories. These user-generated stories appear for 24 hours and are meant to encourage users to post more often. Although the concept is the same, the content people post to each platform is generally different. My friends use Snapchat Stories to post their constant activities throughout the day. Instagram and Facebook Stories are generally posted much less and are more artsy and formal. The two platforms, Facebook and Instagram (both being owned by Facebook) have since joined together on this trend. Now when users create a story on Instagram they can automatically post the same one to Facebook.

Millennials Aren’t the Only Ones Obsessing Over Social Media

Smiling teenager students

When thinking of social media we often times solely associate it with the millennial generation who is quite literally glued to their phones. However, in the past year social media has seen a major increase in the amount of people from older generations taking advantage of social networks. In the past 10 years there has been a 32% increase in adults over the age of 65 using social media*, and more than 56% of adults who are online u

se more than one social media platform.** Considering my mom and I currently have a 79 day Snapchat streak, and she texts me whenever she posts on Instagram to “like” her picture, I can definitely agree with these statistics. With the older generations starting to hop on the social media train, it opens up many different opportunities for businesses to market their products towards them. 

Happy people using mobile smart phone

Looking back on 2017, social media platforms have introduced some exciting and fun features that have successfully engaged all kinds of users in all different age groups. From helping to cure loneliness by constantly seeing what your friends are up to, to bringing your photos to life through the 360 Facebook feature, it looks like 2018 has a lot to live up to.




How do you Connect?

Lets Connect!

There are currently over 2.46 billion people that use some kind of social media platform, and of that 2.46 billion, over 2.06 billion use Facebook, 700 million use Instagram, 328 million use Twitter, and 255 million use SnapChat as of 2017*. Most people do not use all four of these social media platforms, so how do people choose which social media platforms they want to use? In an attempt to formulate an answer to this question, I looked at my family’s current social media usage.

My parents, who are both 53 years old, are hardly involved in social media at all. My dad had a Facebook for about four months that he made solely for the purpose of stalking my sister and I to make sure we weren’t posting anything inappropriate or talking to any ‘sketchy’ boys online (we still don’t bring our boyfriends home to this day). His Facebook only lasted four months on account of the fact that we refused to friend him back. My mom on the other hand, just got a Facebook three months ago because she claimed she was feeling “out of the loop.” Just last week I taught her how to write a post AND include an image so she’s making some definite progress.

My mom does have a SnapChat I made for her that she never uses because all she can manage to learn how to do on it is take the picture. She does not understand filters, nor how to add text to the image. When I first downloaded it for her I would snapchat her and all I would get back was a blurry selfie and no caption. She’s the kind of mom who still turns her iPhone sideways to text so I suppose trying to teach her how to use SnapChat may have been expecting a bit too much from her.

My two older brothers, 24 and 27 years old, mainly use Facebook and SnapChat. One of my brothers hardly ever posts on Facebook, and the other one only posts pictures to his albums. My little sister, 17, uses Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and Twitter. She’s pretty active on all of these platforms. If I had a penny for every time my dad has told her to put her phone down in the last three years I could buy Snapchat.

Youth culture. Four young people sitting close to each other and looking at their gadgets

I on the other hand, use Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat, but currently do not, nor have I ever  used Twitter. Although I don’t use Twitter, I have had a Twitter since freshman year of high school that I was never actually active on. I didn’t know it even existed until one of my college friends showed me an empty profile with just my name and a profile picture of me from high school. After finding it I was encouraged by another friend to start it up again and actually use the account. She wanted me to use it so she could send me memes. For those of you who don’t know what a “meme” is, I have included the Urban Dictionary definition below:

Meme: It’s not a word, it’s a lifestyle.**

Although I am personally a huge fan of this definition, it is not very telling so here is a more descriptive definition:

Meme: An image, video, or set of of text that becomes popular and spreads   rapidly via the Internet.**

Anyways, although many people have shown me funny memes from Twitter, I can find funny memes on both Facebook and Instagram so I didn’t have much motivation to go on Twitter for memes too. Needless to say I used my account again for two days before forgetting about it again.

Are you a Mac & a PC?

So maybe this is the answer to our question: why do we use certain social media platforms and not others? Brings me back to the Apple commercials from 2007, are you a Mac or PC? Why do I like going on Instagram, Facebook, and SnapChat, but can’t bring myself to go on Twitter? It’s as simple as what you desire to get out of social media. For example I use Instagram because Instagram has gone from just posting pictures of people and places, to posting artsy and creative images using filters and photo editing apps. I also like using it for following my favorite celebrities and even looking at new clothes stores are selling, or food options at restaurants. I follow celebrities and clothing brands I like on Instagram and get ideas for shopping and even just for creative pictures I want to post of myself on my account.

Facebook I use for an entirely different purpose. I hardly ever actually post to Facebook unless I’m sharing a cute video of a puppy, a funny Ellen clip, or posting pictures to an album. I could, and have, spent over an hour on end just scrolling through Facebook watching X Factor auditions, funny videos of babies falling over, or Jimmy Fallon interview clips. Aside from entertainment from videos and memes, I also use Facebook to read news, get information on local businesses, as well as view posts from my friends on what they are currently up to. And of course the occasional upload of a new quality selfie for my profile picture is always fun too.

SnapChat is probably the platform I use most throughout the day. This is because it’s the easiest and fastest way to keep in touch with people. If I want to know what someone’s up to, or tell someone what I’m up to without texting or calling, I can simply snap them. Facebook or Instagram would require me to direct message them, which at that point, it would make more sense to just text them. In this way, SnapChat has almost become a replacement for texting, aside from urgent messages that I need a quick response to.

The Star of Snapchat

When I’m home my mom is basically the star of my SnapChat. Even friends she has never met before know her personality very well (probably too well) and refer to her as “Wendy.” My mom definitely does not enjoy my constant videos and pictures of her, but she has built up a bit of a fan group for herself over the years so she really shouldn’t complain. I think I use SnapChat the most because it requires the least amount of effort to interact on it as it just is a picture and a caption. Going on Instagram means I have to scroll through posts, and like all of my friends posts, and attempt to stop long enough to actually read the captions. Facebook is sometimes not too entertaining depending on what’s trending, but it is now where I go to find out information on local businesses as I depend on it to show me reviews, basic information and more!

I suppose there are a lot of variables that determine which social media platforms we use such as our interests and what social media platforms our friends use. Regardless of what social media platforms we choose to use, social media as a whole has become a major aspect of people’s lives today.

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The Do’s & Don’ts of the Hashtag

Each social media platform has its unique purposes and vary in terms of consumer usage, but they all share one common aspect that helps brand awareness and key searching.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google & Linkedin, all share the use of the hashtag to help connect users to products or followers to other followers with like interests.

For those who are not familiar with hashtags, a “hashtag” is the number symbol “#” followed by a phrase or single word. When you post an image (on instagram), or written post on social media (on Facebook or Twitter), you can follow or caption the post with a “#” followed by something relevant to the post’s content.

In evaluating how the use of hashtags can help your business, hashtags are a super easy and efficient way to grow your company’s network on social media platforms. Although “hashtagging” itself is not very complex, there are many ways people can use hashtags to connect with new businesses or people on social media.

For example if you are a restaurant owner posting a picture of a new menu item on Instagram, you can follow the caption with “#yum #foodie #newmenu” and so on. This connects your post with every other post on that social media platform that used the same hashtag. If a user is looking at a post from another restaurant, or even just a post from a friend, they can click on the hashtag and your post will show up on their screen. If they simply search “#yum” in the search bar on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter the same thing will occur and your post will again reach their screen.


Even when a user is not familiar with your company and is not directly searching for your business’ social media account, the hashtag greatly increases their ability to find your company’s account, increasing the size of your company’s network and online following.

Hashtags are also extremely helpful to your business even if it is not your business that is posting the hashtag. If you own a clothing or home furniture store and one of your customers posts a picture on social media of a product they purchased from you with “#lovethis #yourcompanyname,” their followers can then search for your company with the name provided in the hashtag. Even without necessarily clicking on the hashtag, it can still indirectly lead potential followers to your company’s social media account.

Hashtags are relatively straightforward, however there are many things that can go wrong with hashtags.To be sure you maximize the effectiveness and success of the hashtags in your company’s posts, it is important to always perform the three tasks below when posting hashtags.


Find What’s Trending

Although you can add as many hashtags as you wish to your company’s social media posts, it can also be extremely helpful to research what specific hashtags are trending each day. If “#love” is trending today, as long as you find it somewhat relevant to your company’s post, you should include it. If the hashtag is trending, more people are searching for it on social media platforms and therefore your post is likely to be viewed by more users.

Research your Hashtags

Just like with anything else your company posts on social media, always be sure what you are posting cannot be found offensive to consumers. Although the word or phrase you are posting may mean one thing to you and your company, it could mean something entirely different in context to social media trends. If you are unsure of a certain word or phrase you wish to include in a hashtag on your post, it can be extremely helpful to search the hashtag first and see what other posts have used the hashtag. This is very effective in helping avoid any scrutiny or offense taken by your company’s social media posts.


Manage how much you Hashtag

Although you can potentially post as many hashtags as you wish, it is important you learn how to manage your hashtagging and not overcrowd your post. Including too many hashtags in one post can take away from the meaning and purpose of the post itself, as well as cause consumers to think your company is trying too hard to gain followers. I would recommend including anywhere from 1-3 hashtags, 4 hashtags at most, to insure you maintain a high quality image for your company’s social media. It is also important to list your hashtags from top trending to least trending so more users will be familiar with the first hashtag they see.

When used correctly, hashtags have proved extremely effective with the expansion of social media today, in expanding every user’s network. Hashtags allow users to reach businesses and people they otherwise never would have encountered. Hashtags are extremely simple to implement in social media posts, and yet very effective in reaching your company’s large audience.

With the billions of users on social media platforms today, it can seem near impossible to reach a large majority of your potential consumers, but hashtags are making that possible, enabling companies and people everywhere to maximize their outreach to the larger population.

5 Ways to Improve your Company’s Image

Although social media is extremely important in expanding your company’s network and maximizing profits, social media is also essential in building and promoting a good company image. Below are five ways in which your company can use social media to improve its image.

Share posts about company involvement in the community

Whether your company is donating proceeds to a charity, participating in a food drive, or simply showing support for a local sports team, it is extremely beneficial to the company’s image to post about these events on social media. Customers like to see that the company they are purchasing from are not only focused on their own profits, but on supporting other companies and foundations within the community. In seeing that your company is engaging in its community, customers will be more inclined to continue purchasing from you and support not only your products, but your company as a whole.

Social Media & Company Image

Share posts from customers’ social media accounts

Many people on social media will “tag” companies on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter when they are using that company’s product or service. Viewing who has posted pictures with your company’s products and reposting these images to the company’s own social media accounts makes the customer feel important and noticed by the company. Other customers will also appreciate this recognition and acknowledge that your company does care about its customer’s satisfaction with their products and services.

Comment and like customers’ posts

Even when you do not repost a customer’s picture, it is important your company’s social media account at least likes and comments on the picture. This again makes the customer feel important and noticed which encourages them to post with your product more often! By posting more often, it promotes your product or service to their followers and encourages them to purchase from you, as well as offering more pictures and product reviews for other customers to see. Commenting and liking customers’ social media posts will increase tagged posts from customers, therefore improving your products’ quality image and your overall company image. 

Comment on your customers posts!

Share posts about employees’ backgrounds

Every employee comes from a different background and has grown up with different experiences. Showing customers your employees’ experiences is extremely important in promoting a good company image. By showing employees’ backgrounds and experiences, customers can build an image of your company and understand the values and ideals the people within your company hold. Sharing posts about employees’ backgrounds also allows customers to trust the quality of your company’s products or services because it shows customers the qualifications each employee has. For example if a chef at a restaurant has previously worked with the health department, customers may be more inclined to trust that restaurant’s food quality and safety procedures.

Include high quality images

Use high quality images

Although this may seem obvious, it is extremely important that your company consistently maintains high quality images in its social media posts. In considering pictures of employees or customers to post on your social media account, or just your company’s images in general, the quality of the image needs to be factored in. If your company posts high quality images on social media, customers will associate the high quality images with high quality products and services. This will also increase the number of people following your company’s account as well as how many likes each post receives. 

When all of these seems too overwhelming, be sure to contact us to receive your FREE Social Media Analysis™ to see how we can help increase your social media!